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Providing Whole Home Inspections & Consulting Services in the Lower Hudson Valley area of NY & Fairfield County, CT

+40 Years of Building Experience


Home Performance Consulting

Home & Environmental Inspections & Consulting Services

Family Owned & Operated

We are highly trained and educated home inspectors. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen when it comes to home and building practices, so our clients can rest easy knowing that we will have the answers to their questions. Our company’s integrity is important to us, so we can assure you that we only offer honest and realistic advice to each client we work with. We look at the house as a system and then look thoroughly for issues in each individual component of that system, making sure that no problem is left hidden to sneak up on his clients later down the line. If the home is large, multiple family member inspectors will work together, ensuring that your inspection is done in a timely manner without any sacrifice in attention to detail or quality.

Our Inspector Specializes in ALL Areas of Home Performance Including:

All of my inspection services, including the Buyer’s Inspection, are done in accordance with the Standard of Practice (SOP) of ASHI, the state of New York, and the state of Connecticut.

Professional Home Inspections Since 2009

The Buyer’s Inspection is a thorough visual walkthrough inspection of the home completed before a buyer decides on closing. During the inspection,

Protect You, Your Loved Ones & the Integrity

A Mold Remediation Plan is specific to each assessment and will identify the presence of any toxic mold that we know of. There are thousands of different strains of mold that

Test the Quality of Your Home’s Water with

We offer Water Testing, which should be completed when buying or selling a home or if you ever notice a change in the smell, color, or taste of your water.

I’m an Advocate for my Clients

With over 45 years’ experience in all phases of residential and commercial building projects, I am recognized throughout the region as an expert in radiant and conventional heating and a leading proponent of energy efficiency. My clients will tell you that I’m the ultimate straight shooter with a unique way of explaining complex technical information in a straightforward manner. But most importantly, I’m an advocate for my clients. I believe you should know what condition your home or building is in before you buy, sell or build.
I have extensive hands-on and managerial experience, along with credentials as a NYS & CT licensed Home & Building Inspector, NYS Licensed Mold Assessor, certified NRSB Radon Measurement Technician, and a former Building Performance institute (BPI) Certified Building Analyst. My skills and passion make me the ideal home inspector and home performance consultant for your home or commercial property.

Light Commercial Inspections

Ensure Your Business Property is Safe & Sound with Building Inspection Services

We do inspections for light commercial properties, such as storefronts and strip malls. During a Light Commercial Inspection,
we note the property’s condition and any issues or safety concerns.

N.Y.S. Home Inspection License: UID-16000051751

Connecticut Home Inspection License: HOI-0000652

National Radon Safety Board R.M.T. : 11ST003